Hindi Christian Song Book – Downloadable (PDFs)

Clicking the below links will open a new tab, you can either read it online or downoad it.

Hindi Christian Song Book 1

Hindi Christian Song Book 2

18 thoughts on “Hindi Christian Song Book – Downloadable (PDFs)

  1. Thomas Telang says:

    very very helpful and meaningful thought of providing hindi songs in ready printable format, thanks a lot, god bless you all


  2. Philip Madhavan says:

    You have an excellent selection of songs Appreciate your hard work.
    however it is difficult to locate song. it will be of great help if you can arrange the index in ‘alphabetic order’
    God bless


    1. Joe says:

      Thank you for stopping by, we believe you found what you were looking for.
      Yes definitely you can print these songs. We have made it print-friendly, so you can click on the print icon and it will print directly.

      If you have some free time, please do fill this feedback form that will help us to serve you better.
      Please click the link below.


    1. Joe says:

      Hello dear brother, this is available for on-line use and download purpose. Printed book is not available. You can download it and print it from a net cafe.


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