Mera Tu Hi Sahara Hai – Prince Robinson

Verse 1:
Agar tu naa seekhae
Toh kaun seekhae, YESHU
Agar tu naa chalae
Toh kaun chalae, YESHU

Mera toh tu hi sahara hai
Haathon ko tu ne hi thaama hai

Verse 2:
Agar tu naa uthaae
Toh kaun uthaae, YESHU
Agar tu naa khilae
Toh kaun khilae, YESHU

Yahova mera rakshak, hai mujhko naa chode
Saath mein rehta sada

A 29 year old starts a Music & Media Company

Joash Robin Kale is a passionate and proactive software engineer turned self-taught entrepreneur with dreams bigger than himself. He is a 29 years old Maharashtrian-Christian based in Nagpur, the heart of India. He completed his schooling at prestigious St. John’s High School, after completing his SSC, he got enrolled for Diploma in Computer Engineering at Anjuman Polytechnic and then later studied Bachelor of Engineering from Anjuman College of Engineering and Technology. He currently holds an MBA degree specialising in Information Systems.

He has been raised in a Christian family and he believes that all things are possible with His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and if you try and have a great zeal to bring solutions through technology, you can definitely help other dreamers out there.
Joash has a family of 4 including him, his father Robin, his mother Sushama and his elder brother Joshua.
Joash and Joshua are the first businessmen in their family however, Joash with a background in computer science and Joshua with a background in electronics and telecommunication have paved their own path learning from the wisdom & pitfalls as they carried this journey alone.
Joash is passionate about creating a company that cares for its employees and wants to create a space that enables the employees to fail, learn & grow hence making the team resilient.

Joash along with his elder brother Joshua started a Music & Media company, ‘JRK Brothers Productions’ in the year 2012 imparting quality music to the students. The journey was tough as they had no prior experience in teaching initially, they had 3 students that went up to 20 and the number grew gradually. After successfully introducing music classes, they introduced music production services including background scores, ads, jingles, albums, dubbing and voiceovers. As Joshua was busy producing music, Joash took the lead and handled the media, their company grew and made a significant mark in the music industry.
Later in 2018, they rebranded their company as ‘Velvet Beats’ as it gives more meaning to their musical journey while ‘JRK Brothers’ became their artist name under which they have released 2 EPs and 4 singles. They also formed a Gospel Band named ‘Apostles Of CHRIST’ and released 7 singles and several cover songs.

While Joshua was into full-time Music and worked with several clients on their dream projects, Joash took the Media business seriously and has been working for the past 10 years with several local, national & international clients and is very determined about seeing this world as a better place using technology to build each other up and empower them.
He is an effective problem solver, quick thinking, presence of mind & a good sense of humour are his added assets and hence the trusted firefighter of the company.
Joash went ahead to cofound some more companies including JAD, Inc., K&K Media House, abstract ASH art, JustRocKing Media and a Worship Ministry/Gospel Band, ‘Apostles Of CHRIST’, that was later rebranded as AOC Worship Music.

Beta Main Hoon Tera – Shashank Patel

वो आवाजें जो कहती थी मुझसे
अकेला है तू, तन्हा है तू
झूठे है, झुठे है सब
खरीदा गया, लहूँ से यीशु के अब, हूँ मैं अब

दिल और मन ये मेरा, है यीशु तेरा
अब मैं ग़ुलाम, बिल्कुल नहीं, बेटा मैं हूँ तेरा
दिल और मन ये मेरा

Verse 1 :
अब दूर हूँ ना मैं तुझसे, तेरे करीब है रखा
सायें में तेरे सुकून है, मेरा प्याला रहे अब ना सूखा
जियूँगा सदा मै तेरे लिये, मुकम्मल है तू जो खुदा
दिल और मन ये मेरा

Verse 2 :
आँसू जो बहते थे मेरे, तू ही ने मुझको सम्भाला
तुहि बना मेरा अपना, तुहि बना सहारा
तेरे उपकारों को याद करके खुदा तुझे धन्य कहूँ हे पिता
दिल और मन ये मेरा, है यीशु तेरा
अब मैं ग़ुलाम, बिल्कुल नहीं
बेटा मैं हूँ तेरा

Bhasma Na Ho Gaye Hum – Jubal Rock

Chorus :
भस्म ना हो गए हम तेरी दया
तेरा प्यार न होता कम तेरी दया

Post Chorus :
वो हर सुबह होती नयी
सच्चाई तेरी है महान
भस्म ना हो गए हम तेरी दया
तेरा प्यार न होता कम तेरी दया

Verse 1:
मै जब भी आ गया
तेरे पीछे होकर हे प्रभु
पास मेरे आके तूने
कह दिया है मुझे मेरा तू

Additional Chorus:
थे जो मेरे वो सारे गम
और मेरी हया
दूर करके इसी बातों को
की मुझ पर दया

Verse 2:
ना कोई है ना कोई था
और ना कोई होगा तेरे समान
सिर्फ मैं ही नहीं देता हूँ ये गवाह
सारी धरती कहे और आसमान

Additional Chorus:
ढूँढे तुझको ये मेरा मन
तेरी दया
तू है कहाँ
मुझको दे तेरा दर्शन फिरसे हो दया

Additional Verse:
तूने किया है मुझसे प्यार
मेरे लिए हुआ बलिदान
वो हर सुबह होती नयी
सच्चाई तेरी है महान

Lyrics with Chords provided by Jubal Rock
Keys – Transpose +1
Guitar – Capo on 1st fret

Bhasma Na Ho Gaye Hum
Teri Daya
Tera pyaar na hota kum
Teri Daya

Vo har subah
Hoti nayi
Bm E
Sachai Teri hai mahan

Mai Jab bhi Aa Gaya
Bm E
Tere peeche hokar hai Prabhu
Paas mere Aake tune
Bm E
Keh Diya hai mujhe Mera tu

The jo mere vo saare gum
Aur meri haya
Dur Kar ke issi baato ko
Ki mujhpar Daya

Na koi hai na koi tha
Bm E
Aur Na hoga koi Tere samaan
Sirf Mai hi nahi deta hoon ye gavah
Bm E
Saari dharti Kahe aur asmaan

Dhunde tujhko ye mera mann
Tu hai kahaan
Mujhko de Tera ye darshan
Firse Ho Daya

Kurbaan Hua – Joash Robin Kale

तेरा प्यार है महान
मेरे गुनाहों क लिए तू हुआ कुर्बान
सूली पे तू चढ़ा
मेरे खातिर तू था वहाँ
खड़ा ऐसा क्यूँ किया ?

कुर्बान हुआ
यीशु मसीह
मेरा खुदा
मेरे लिए

Spanish :
tu amor es grandes
para mis pecados queste
dio su vida