Monday – The Williamsons

Verse 1 :

Mama, I’ve heard you sing in church of God’s amazing grace,
And I know you know the one you sing about.
And mama, I know you’re awful busy when we’re all at home,
But I never see you get your Bible out.
I understand there’s work to do and only so much time to get it done.
But could you take some time to teach me about Jesus before this day is gone?
Before it’s gone.

Chorus 1 :

Could you read the Bible with me?
Help me learn to love God’s word?
Show me how to pray believing He hears every word?
You don’t have to preach a sermon like the preacher does on Sunday,
To show me how a Christian lives on Monday.

Verse 2 :

Daddy, you say that I should live a life to be proud of,
But you teach me so much more by what you do.
And daddy, I know you’re busy working to give us a home,
And I’m thankful that we can depend on you.
But in all the work you’re doing do you ever take the time to steal away,
And would there be some time for us to pray together
Before we say good night at the ending of our day?

Chorus 2 :

They may never say these words out loud, and really they shouldn’t have to.
If our children are to know about the lord,
Then there’s just one thing we can do.
One thing we can do.

Read the Bible with them, help them learn to love God’s word. Show them how to pray believing he hears every word.
You don’t have to preach a sermon like the preacher does on Sunday
To show them how a Christian lives on Monday.

Words and music by Lisa Williamson
C 2014
Eternal Homestead Music BMI

3 thoughts on “Monday – The Williamsons

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  2. Its very encouraging. Thumps up. Can i get the music track.. i would like translate into my dialect if permitted.


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