Very effective blogs.
Keep growing in Christ.
Your blogs are really fantastic and very interesting to read n apply in my life.
My life has changed after reading your Gospel blogs.
Stay blessed.
N my all the good wishes are with you my big brother.
N you are going to rock,
I think whoever is reading your blogs, he/she will be blessed too.
And their life will also be changed through your blogs
Keep it up.
N thanks for sharing this blog with me.
N from today I am your big big Fan.

– Vishal Ratwani

Vishal Ratwani

Wow this site is amazing it so convenient!
I mean it has the techie tips which are really so needed nowadays and they are surprisingly so relevant.
oh and yes ! The “encouragement pills” section gives so many reasons to thank God when we “assume that we don’t have any”.
It also gives us life related thoughts to ponder on.
The songs section is my favorite coz yes we are all designed to praise and worship our lord so y not learn some more music to glorify him ?!
The JRK brothers are next in line to be Ambassadors of Christ !!
May the Lord  bless them abundantly so that they may bless us all through their good work by Gods Grace !

– Sherin Abraham

Sherin Abraham