welcomeThe LORD gave us this LIFE as a GIFT !
Now we will use it to GLORIFY HIS PRECIOUS NAME, and give Our LIFE as a return GIFT to Our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST !

We are stepping into this world of writing and blogging ! We will deliver Gospel as well as Technology related write-ups so as to Empower you with the Word of God and also Equip you with the latest technology.

Hope our work will be a Blessing for many !

Stay Blessed !

GOD Bless you all !
JESUS be with you forever !

  • Joshua & Joash Robin Kale (J.R.K. bros.)

What’s New ?

By LORD’s Grace, we have released our first single, “Meri Panaah” on 12 music stores world wide

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Sound Cloud:

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Google Play:


iTunes :

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Saavn :

Shazam :

Spotify :

Check the official music video of “Meri Panaah” on youtube.
Apostles Of CHRIST | Omega Generation | JRK Brothers | Forte Fotography |


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