Fuel Station


  • Great men have great habits. This is what separates them from the masses.
  • The secret of your success is always hidden in something you do daily.
  • What you do habitually determines what you become permanently.

Purpose influence habits :

  • Great habits are the result of great purpose.
  • Your sense of purpose will motivate you to develop habits that bring success.

Habits and discipline :

  • Habit is child of discipline.
  • Discipline is doing something you hate to create something you love.
  • Champions become champions by maintaining a discipline until it becomes a habit.

Decide what you want :

  • Your habits are vehicles that will take you into a desirable or undesirable future.
  • What you are doing today is creating a permanent you.

Confront your limitations :

  • You will never correct what you are unwilling to confront.
  • What you refuse to master today, will master you tomorrow.
  • Anything resisted is…

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