“GOOD” MORNING by Joash Robin Kale

Have you ever wondered about the reason behind wishing everyone with “GOOD Morning” ???

If not, let me tell you then, while you were busy sleeping and dreaming, Our GOD is so GOODthat HE was busy in creating a GOOD Morning for you, setting things right on their correct paths, working in people’s heart for you, so that the right people will meet you that day.

He didn’t slept and He never will, He was busy designing everything you see, the sun, the trees, the birds, and everything.

He was busy in caring for you , He made sure your heart pumps enough blood that while you are sleeping you get enough energy to continue to see your dreams.

So next day when you wake up early in the morning, first of all say “Good morning my GOOD GOD“.  Thank you for allowing me to see this beautiful morning, many died last night, but i live to see this GOOD morning only because YOU allowed me to see.

So have a very GOOD Morning !!!

– Joash Robin Kale

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