5 tips to make your Android phones/tabs work faster !


Dated: 23 Sept, 2016
Its been 2 years since i haven’t updated this post, technology changes in minutes, and here we are talking about years. Some of these tips maybe useless as the minimum RAM in todays phone/tabs is 1-2 GB, but still go through it to know your Android phone/tab in a much better way, i will be updating new Tech Tips in the days to come.


Dated: 11 Oct, 2014
If you have bought a new phone that has RAM of 512 MB then you must be very careful while installing any app, to make sure your Android phone/tab runs faster without any lagging ! If you have a phone that has a RAM of 1+ GB then you are on a safer side, but still you need to take precautions that will help your Android phone/tab to stay new !

Lets get started !

1. Limit the use of Live Wallpapers :

These kind of Live wallpapers were actually introduced to give users a dynamic environment, and eliminate the static wallpapers as being used before the Android Generation. But as it is said everything has its advantages and disadvantages (Exceptions) , Live Wallpapers too have their own, following are some of the vulnerabilities of Live Wallpapers :

  • They use too much RAM to keep running the algorithms that makes them LIVE
  • They slow down the processing speed of the Processor
  • They increase the brightness of the Display, thereby decreasing the Battery Life


2. Stop those background apps which are not in Use :

Background apps are those apps which are left opened after their usage, imagine your room with 2 windows, you opened them for fresh air and while leaving the room you forgot to close them, such is the case with the applications you use in your Android phone/tab. Take some time to close all the background apps , make sure nothing is running in background. You can do following things to check whether background apps are running and if running are they important to keep them running or to stop them.

  • Hold the Home button to get a list of all background apps you started
  • To get in detail of all background apps, go to settings -> apps -> running -> (Here you will find all your running apps,downloaded apps,cached apps). Stop those apps which you find not so important, it wont stop permanently, the next time you will reboot your phone, these services will start again. So you can stop them to save your precious battery and speed up the processing


3. Don’t install any apps that promise to speed up your phone :

Although there are some legitimate apps that do clean up the trash and speed up your phone, but most of the apps only do the talking. Whenever you find an app on Google Play or any other Android Applications providing sites, first of all look for the company which is offering that app, if it has a Verified sign then only install it otherwise leave it, because these companies are new in the market and are not yet Verified by the Google Team for the Quality check and other important stuffs. These non-verified apps actually makes your phone lag and show false reports of successful cleaning up of the trash, these apps are dummies and doesnt actually do good to your phone, rather they itself increase the trash and thereby slow down the system.


4. Rooting helps your phone/tab to explore its REAL potential :


Many of us do not know the importance of Rooting, many of us haven’t heard this term yet, but may i tell you one thing, that Rooting is the Best thing you can do to your Android phone/tab, i have done it many times to my phone and tab, and believe me, everything has changed since then, Rooting affects following things :

  • Increases Battery Life
  • Speeds up phone/tab permanently (no use of false apps that promise speeding up your phone/tab)
  • Gives access to all those apps which require Rooting
  • Customizes your phone/tab
  • and many more benefits …

Rooting in my language is the real Eye Opener, imagine a small kid in a school, under the guidance of teachers/mentors, haven’t got any opportunity to do things of his own, never explored his real potential, but one day a teacher/mentor comes to him and makes him believe that he has the potential to do anything, and gives him opportunities, and that kid now explore his real potential and finds such things which he cannot even have imagined of when he was under strict guidance, but when he was given freedom, he did found his real worth, and he does great things. Such is the case with Android Rooting, manufacturers have set limit ,phone cannot work beyond that limit, but what if we can break that limit and give our phone to explore its real potential, then our phone can work to its real content !

I will cover the concept of Rooting in the days to come. And also step by step procedure for those interested in Rooting.


5. Limit the use of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi :

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) are those concepts which revolutionized the IT industry, it gave the ease of sending data within a range without even physically getting in touch, but continuous usage of such services will eventually affect the over all performance of phone/tab, because these services are powered by radio waves, these waves are generated and travel at high speed in a limited area, but it needs a lot of charge, so it will drain up the battery life, as well as it will slow down the mobile, it will also cause RAM to be filled with temporary files that are being used while transmission of data.

So use them whenever necessary , and when not, keep them Off and allow them to rest, because they are heavy duty people, they work hard, takes lot of energy (battery). By limiting the use of Bluetooth and WiFi, you can speed up your phone and also it performance.


#JRKtechtips :

  • After the use of your apps, close them, erase them from Recent Apps, Stop them from Settings if necessary.
  • If you decide to Root your phone, follow each step properly, if you don’t, you might Brick your phone. (I have already warned you, don’t blame me now)
  • Don’t use Live Wallpapers (I believe battery Life is more important than Looks)
  • Reboot when things don’t work (Its the Forgotten Hero)


This is Joash Robin Kale , signing off, Tada for now, will be back with some more Tech Tips , Till then , Stay Awake, Stay Alert !

JESUS be with you all.

And don’t forget to ENJOY the LIFE you have got, be Thankful to  The LORD for EVERYTHING, Make someone happy , love someone, share your stuffs with someone, coz phone is not gonna love you back, but your Dear ones will sure.


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